Getting the most from The Business Growth Show

Many small businesses heavily rely on networking as a source of lead generation, but few receive any training and rely on confidence and natural charisma to get results.
On the eve of The Business Growth Show Central London we are making final preparations to host a great event. The event is geared up to allow our delegates and exhibitors to have the best networking experience possible, but there are certain steps that people should take to get the most out of the business opportunities that are in front of them.
Here are a few tips we have collected over the years that may help get the most of the event tomorrow:
1. Be open to offers: many forget that networking is a two-way process. It is networking suicide to go to an event with a short term sales goal and not look at the return to be had from building long term relationships. Everyone remembers the ‘compulsive business card distributor’, and not for the right reasons. Take interest in your peers’ offers: it may be of interest to you or to someone else you know.
2. Remember the power of referrals: A network is not only who you know, but also who you know, know. If you make a good impression and build a relationship, you gain a lifetime of potential leads instead of a one-off sale.
3. Make new contacts: You haven’t left the office to catch up with old friends, but because you saw the potential in meeting new businesses. It is easy to fall into the trap of staying within your comfort zone and catching up with old acquaintances for hours, but there is little return on the investment in time you committed to attending the event. Although it is good to rekindle old relationships, use the event as a way of setting up a meeting or scheduling a call, then move on to meet some new contacts you otherwise would not have the opportunity to be in front of.
4. Follow up: networking is a sociable way of getting new leads and can be very enjoyable – but it is a waste of time if you don’t chase up the leads. If someone has given you their business card they are effectively giving you the opportunity to give them a call. So do give them a call.
I know that this will be preaching to the choir for many businesses, but I also think it is a healthy reminder for some and a good starting point for others. We will be sharing many more tips and pieces of advice, not just from our own experiences but also for our partners. Stay tuned for more!


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