How do small businesses make sales?

How do businesses speak to the right people to be able to make a sale? Through telesales? By getting their PA to schedule meetings? Do they have a magic little black book? Of course the answer is likely to be ‘A little of all the above’ but in many cases businesses, especially SMEs, survive through networking.

When you start up your own business, it can be very daunting to try to connect with the outside world and make a sale. Do you watch ‘How I Met Your Mother’? Ted starts his own architectural business and spends 48 hours ignoring the phone and deciding which is better between felt tips or biros?

Our advice would always be to network. It is easier when you are face to face with the right type of businesses and feels less lonely. There are plenty of opportunities to get your brand out there, and its about finding the right type of networking to suit you and your business:

  • Breakfast networking: We recommend 4Networking but there is also the BNi, Business for Breakfast, Business Over Breakfast and many others that may be stronger in your local area. This is great for kick-starting the day feeling productive
  • Daytime / Lunch networking: obviously, we would love to see you at The Business Growth Show but the Chamber of Commerce near you will also host different types of networking events that are worth checking out. You may also find success with your local Best Of
  • Evening networking: we find the Business-Scene Connections really useful for generating leads, but see if your local chapter of the FSB host anything

There are hundreds of events out there, many free and others more than worth the membership. If you would like some more advice the team at Corkscrew Events would be glad to help. Our partners Business-Scene are a good source for finding networking events near you.

Don’t forget to check out Events Calendar to see when your next The Business Growth Show is!


3 Responses to “How do small businesses make sales?”

  1. Nigel Howle Says:

    Having tried a variety of breakfast networking events, I have no hesitation in recommending the Staffordshire Business for Breakfast network.

  2. Mark Linton Says:

    Business For Breakfast are taking the towns and cities by storm!!!!

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