Green Water?

Our Speed Networking sponsors for The Business Growth Show Birmingham, Tycoonita,  offer a good thing, one we have installed and fallen in love with. Here’s an article they provided for our Summer Newsletter:

In 2009 the UK Water Cooler Industry witnessed a decline in the bottled market, whilst the mains-fed plumbed in sector continued to be on the rise. Businesses in the UK are doing their bit for the environment by using mains-fed water coolers, not only is this the green environmentally friendly option but logistically its healthier and far more cost effective than bottled gallon systems, it eliminates carbon emissions and reduces global warming.
Companies in the UK  often ask how can mains-fed pou (point of use) systems guarantee clean, purified drinking water?  The response is very simple, mains-fed pou (point of use) machines have built in filtration systems, through the filtration system the blocked carbon filter completely eliminates all micro-organsims, waterborne bacteria and even the smallest traces of contaminants to ensure that the water never tastes bitter or musty, through a comprehensive service regime these filters should be changed regularly by experienced Engineers. Whilst bottled water on the other hand can become stale and stagnated esepcially if it’s been left in a storage cupboard or a warehouse for lengthy periods of time prior to being lifted onto a dispensing unit.
Ultimately mains-fed water coolers have proven to be saving businesses hundreds of pounds a year. If your company is interested in speaking with Tycoonita UK get in touch on 01926 659000 or look at their website,

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