Acorns into oak trees

When I was asked to write the Editor’s Note for the summer edition of our newsletter I put some serious thought into what I was going to write about. People often ask me for advice on networking, which is something we live and breathe here at Corkscrew Events.
We partner with companies who share our ethos and, evidently, our clients do too.  So we were surprised to find that only 3% of businesses use networking as a way of finding new business. If so many businesses are unconvinced and are surviving without networking… then why network at all?
I can think of hundreds of reasons (low cost, direct communication, relationship development… to name but a few) but instead of boring you with those, let me share an anecdote with you. When we first started we ran one of our famous Speed Networking events. We fell under the spell of an advertising agency who promised for a modest (debatable) fee to fill the event with desirables off the back of a sexy ad in one of their publications. After a lot of hype and promises I was left with one week to go until the event and 60 places to fill. I managed to get 56 businesses through the door, 2 of whom came from the magazine.
I learnt a valuable lesson that day: out of 56 people who attended that night I still keep in touch with 52 of them. Networking is about relationships and not only did I solve the problem in the short term, but I no longer felt isolated as a business owner and as my company approaches its fifth year they will be there to celebrate with me.
Ultimately networking is sociable – a nice way of getting new business. You can make the right impression and truly build a business relationship that could help you in the long term. After all, some small acorns turn into bloody big oak trees.
Mark (MD Corkcrew Events and The Business Growth Show Franchise)

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